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* Fixes the svn:externals property for the packages-all directory
* Gets the list of all packages in
* and uses that to update the svn:externals property of
* @author Daniel Convissor <>
// Get packages.
$result = `svn list`;
$result = trim($result);
$result = str_replace('/', '', $result);
$packages = preg_split('/[\r\n]+/', $result);
$ignore = array('AllTests.php', 'PEAR', 'installphars');
$packages = array_diff($packages, $ignore);
$out = '';
foreach ($packages as $package) {
$out .= "$package/trunk $package\n";
file_put_contents('./propfix.txt', $out);
echo <<<EOF
Now issue the following commands:
svn up packages-all --depth empty
svn propset svn:externals packages-all -F propfix.txt
svn commit -m 'The latest externals.' packages-all
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