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The karma management for
Author: Martin Jansen <>
Date: 2003-09-26
Version: $Revision$
The karma system for the PEAR website has been introduced on 26th
September 2003.
Before that date the only permission management was a flag in the users
table, which determined, if a user was administrator or not. With the
new system, permission management has become much more flexible:
Each user (identified by the handle) can have an unlimited number of
karma levels (aka permissions). Those levels are e.g. "" or
"global.karma.manager". The prefix "pear" is being used to allow other services to make use of the system as well. (It is very likely
that e.g. PECL will sooner or later use "" etc.)
Under the umbrella of Damblan (, a
PHP interface to the karma service is provided. Currently the following
methods exist:
bool has(string user, string level)
Returns true if the given user has access to the given karma level.
bool grant(string user, string level)
Grants the given karma level to the given user.
bool remove(string user, string level)
Removes the given karma level for the given user.
array get(string user)
Returns the karma levels for the given user.
array getUser(string level)
Returns all user that have access to the given level.
Granting Karma
In order to grant karma to users, one needs to have access to the karma
level "global.karma.manager". The interface to adjust the karma for all
users is available at