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30ea819 @cellog add CREDITS, README, RELEASE-0.1.0 and package.xml
cellog authored
1 ;; maintainers of Autoload
f9584c8 @saltybeagle Remove PEAR2_ class prefix support. Simplify class to file conversion…
saltybeagle authored
2 Gregory Beaver [cellog] <> (lead)
38078df @claylo removed PEAR2 prefix requirement, added test cases and generated clas…
claylo authored
3 Brett Bieber [saltybeagle] <> (lead)
72055da @boenrobot Fixed most PHPCS issues.
boenrobot authored
4 Clay Loveless [clay] <> (contributor)
5 Vasil Rangelov [boen_robot] <> (contributor)
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