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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<package version="2.1" xmlns="" xmlns:tasks="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
<summary>A simple caching output controller for Savant
Savant output can be cached for faster rendering. PEAR2_Templates_Savant_Turbo
allows rendered content to be cached, and reused for subsequent requests.
For basic use, instead of creating a new `PEAR2\Templates\Savant\Main` object,
create a `PEAR2\Templates\Savant\Turbo` object. In models you'd like to have
cached, implement the `CacheableInterface`.
<name>Brett Bieber</name>
<license uri="">New BSD License</license>
<notes>Package PEAR2_Templates_Savant_Turbo release notes for version 0.1.0:
- Basic functionality
- Two cache drivers are included
- PEAR2_Cache_Lite, and a Mock driver
Package API release notes for version 0.1.0.</notes>
<dir name="/">
<dir name="examples">
<file role="doc" name="basic.php"/>
<file role="doc" name="CacheableObject.tpl.php"/>
<dir name="src" baseinstalldir="/">
<dir name="PEAR2">
<dir name="Templates">
<dir name="Savant">
<dir name="Turbo">
<dir name="CacheInterface">
<file role="php" name="CacheLite.php"/>
<file role="php" name="Mock.php"/>
<file role="php" name="CacheableInterface.php"/>
<file role="php" name="CacheInterface.php"/>
<file role="php" name="Main.php"/>
<file role="php" name="PostRunReplacements.php"/>
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