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s3cmd - ???
* Added [accesslog] command. (needs manpage!)
* Added access logging for CloudFront distributions
using [cfmodify --log]
* Added --acl-grant and --acl-revoke (by Timothee Linden).
* Allow s3:// URI as well as cf:// URI as a distribution
name for most CloudFront related commands.
s3cmd - 2009-10-08
* Fixed invalid reference to a variable in failed upload handling.
s3cmd - 2009-10-06
* New command 'sign' for signing e.g. POST upload policies.
* Fixed handling of filenames that differ only in
capitalisation (eg blah.txt vs Blah.TXT).
* Added --verbatim mode, preventing most filenames
pre-processing. Good for fixing unreadable buckets.
* Added --recursive support for [cp] and [mv], including
multiple-source arguments, --include/--exclude, --dry-run, etc.
* Added --exclude/--include and --dry-run for [del], [setacl].
* Neutralise characters that are invalid in XML to avoid ExpatErrors.
* New command [fixbucket] for for fixing invalid object names
in a given Bucket. For instance names with  in them
(not sure how people manage to upload them but they do).
s3cmd 0.9.9 - 2009-02-17
New commands:
* Commands for copying and moving objects, within or
between buckets: [cp] and [mv] (Andrew Ryan)
* CloudFront support through [cfcreate], [cfdelete],
[cfmodify] and [cfinfo] commands. (sponsored by Joseph Denne)
* New command [setacl] for setting ACL on existing objects,
use together with --acl-public/--acl-private (sponsored by
Joseph Denne)
Other major features:
* Improved source dirname handling for [put], [get] and [sync].
* Recursive and wildcard support for [put], [get] and [del].
* Support for non-recursive [ls].
* Enabled --dry-run for [put], [get] and [sync].
* Allowed removal of non-empty buckets with [rb --force].
* Implemented progress meter (--progress / --no-progress)
* Added --include / --rinclude / --(r)include-from
options to override --exclude exclusions.
* Added --add-header option for [put], [sync], [cp] and [mv].
Good for setting e.g. Expires or Cache-control headers.
* Added --list-md5 option for [ls].
* Continue [get] partially downloaded files with --continue
* New option --skip-existing for [get] and [sync].
Minor features and bugfixes:
* Fixed GPG (--encrypt) compatibility with Python 2.6.
* Always send Content-Length header to satisfy some http proxies.
* Fixed installation on Windows and Mac OS X.
* Don't print nasty backtrace on KeyboardInterrupt.
* Should work fine on non-UTF8 systems, provided all
the files are in current system encoding.
* System encoding can be overriden using --encoding.
* Improved resistance to communication errors (Connection
reset by peer, etc.)
s3cmd - 2008-11-07
* Stabilisation / bugfix release:
* Restored access to upper-case named buckets.
* Improved handling of filenames with Unicode characters.
* Avoid ZeroDivisionError on ultrafast links (for instance
on Amazon EC2)
* Re-issue failed requests (e.g. connection errors, internal
server errors, etc).
* Sync skips over files that can't be open instead of
terminating the sync completely.
* Doesn't run out of open files quota on sync with lots of
s3cmd - 2008-07-29
* Bugfix release. Avoid running out-of-memory in MD5'ing
large files.
s3cmd - 2008-06-27
* Bugfix release. Re-upload file if Amazon doesn't send ETag
s3cmd - 2008-06-27
* Bugfix release. Fixed 'mb' and 'rb' commands again.
s3cmd 0.9.8 - 2008-06-23
* Added --exclude / --rexclude options for sync command.
* Doesn't require $HOME env variable to be set anymore.
* Better checking of bucket names to Amazon S3 rules.
s3cmd 0.9.7 - 2008-06-05
* Implemented 'sync' from S3 back to local folder, including
file attribute restoration.
* Failed uploads are retried on lower speed to improve error
* Compare MD5 of the uploaded file, compare with checksum
reported by S3 and re-upload on mismatch.
s3cmd 0.9.6 - 2008-02-28
* Support for setting / guessing MIME-type of uploaded file
* Correctly follow redirects when accessing buckets created
in Europe.
* Introduced 'info' command both for buckets and objects
* Correctly display public URL on uploads
* Updated TODO list for everyone to see where we're heading
* Various small fixes. See ChangeLog for details.
s3cmd 0.9.5 - 2007-11-13
* Support for buckets created in Europe
* Initial 'sync' support, for now local to s3 direction only
* Much better handling of multiple args to put, get and del
* Tries to use ElementTree from any available module
* Support for buckets with over 1000 objects.
s3cmd 0.9.4 - 2007-08-13
* Support for transparent GPG encryption of uploaded files
* HTTP proxy support
* HTTPS protocol support
* Support for non-ASCII characters in uploaded filenames
s3cmd 0.9.3 - 2007-05-26
* New command "du" for displaying size of your data in S3.
(Basil Shubin)
s3cmd 0.9.2 - 2007-04-09
* Lots of new documentation
* Allow "get" to stdout (use "-" in place of destination file
to get the file contents on stdout)
* Better compatibility with Python 2.4
* Output public HTTP URL for objects stored with Public ACL
* Various bugfixes and improvements
s3cmd 0.9.1 - 2007-02-06
* All commands now use S3-URIs
* Removed hard dependency on Python 2.5
* Experimental support for Python 2.4
(requires external ElementTree module)
s3cmd 0.9.0 - 2007-01-18
* First public release brings support for all basic Amazon S3
operations: Creation and Removal of buckets, Upload (put),
Download (get) and Removal (del) of files/objects.