A library of pearson web components
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A library of pearson web components


You will need to add the following 3 polyfills, in order for your project to be cross-browser compatible. These polyfills will need to go between the <head> </head> tags on the HTML page you want to load the web component on.

Additionally If you prefer not to use a CDN, you can download these polyfills locally with NPM


Important note: Anyone can contribute. All code must be subject to a througough accessibility review. All code must be submitted through a pull request. All code must go through proper code review before it can be merged into master. If you have any questions about the process, please email david.odey@pearson.com

To get started assign yourself an open issue in GitHub.

To view the project roadmap: https://github.com/pearson-ux/web-components/projects

Starting a new web component:

  • Clone or fork this repo.
  • Create a new branch for the component.
  • Create a new folder for the component you are building.
  • Download the web component markup kit as a zip file and place contents in the folder you created to start building out your HTML, CSS and JS.
  • Web component markup kit - https://github.com/pearson-ux/web-component-markup-kit
  • Build out the accessible component using the markup kit. Do not include any superfluous code, not relating to the component.
  • Push the branch and submit a pull request for review.
  • When approved we will use this code to build out the web component.

Important note: Do not clone the markup kit, instead please download it as a zip file and place the contents in your folder. This will prevent git from adding the code as a submodule. We are not supporting git submodules at this time.

Converting existing markup to a web component:

  • Checkout the branch containing the markup of the code you want to convert.
  • Download the web component spec kit and place contents in the existing folder.
  • Use the web component spec kit as a boilerplate to break up the existing markup into a custom element using html templates and shadow dom.
  • Web component spec kit - https://github.com/pearson-ux/web-component-spec-kit
  • Push the branch and submit a pull request for review.
  • When approved we will publish the component to NPM for consumers.

Important Note: Libraries or frameworks are not allowed. All components must be built using the web component specification outlined by the W3C and not include any superfluous code not pertaining to the component. For more information on web components please visit: https://www.webcomponents.org/introduction

To view an existing modal component and review its structure you can visit: https://github.com/pearson-ux/web-components/tree/master/modal