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This project provides a tool to synchronize remote FTP and local directory trees in both directions. The tool is provided as a Python script ( that can be useful for uploading new/modified files to a homepage host using FTP. The tool can also be used to download new/modified files (such as wiki pages) for backup or mirroring purposes.

In both usage cases, the tool requires write access to FTP server to create .listing files that are used to accelerate the synchronization process.

Download and installation

You can download the python script from here. For installation, just copy the file to a directory that is in the PATH environment variable and make it executable (eg chmod +x


To learn about the options of the script, run

sh> --help

that will display

Usage: [options] <remote path> <local path> is tool to synchronize remote and local directory trees using FTP
protocol (see for updates). Both directions
are supported. Write access to FTP server is required.  To skip processing
remote directories that one does not have read or write access, use --skip
option. When a new file was added to FTP server by other means than using, use --listing to update .listing files.  Remote path must be given
in the following form: [ftp://][username[:password]@]hostname[<remote

  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -u, --upload          enable uploading files
  -d, --download        enable downloading files
  -s SKIP_PATH, --skip=SKIP_PATH
                        skip listing specified remote (absolute) path
  -l, --listing         update remote .listing files
                        remove specified files and directories

For example, to syncronize remote directory rdir in the FTP server with the local directory ldir, run ldir --download

When username and password is required, the script will ask. When there are files that are changed locally and should be uploaded, add --upload option to the command line.

Important note

Before using, backing up data is highly recommended.


Bug reports and feature requests should be reported to ftpsync2d issues. For general discussion, usage questions and suggestions, please use ftpsync2d mailing list.