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The IOCBio project provides open-source software that is developed in Laboratory of Systems Biology at Institute of Cybernetics. The project is created to publish the software, this includes distributing the source codes, continuing software development, supporting users as well as attracting users to contribute to the software.

Currently, the project provides access to the following software:

which are parts of the IOCBio package. See IOCBio Documentation and List of documentations with examples for more details.

In addition, we have created several independent software projects that we use together with the IOCBio project:

  • PyLibNIDAQmx - a Python wrapper to libnidaqmx library
  • PyLibTiff - a Python TIFF library
  • SympyCore - an efficient pure Python Computer Algebra System (originally supported by Simula)
  • Simple RPC C++ - a simple RPC wrapper generator to C/C++ functions
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