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Manupulate VTK files in Python
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PyVTK provides the following tools for manipulating Visualization Toolkit (VTK) files in Python:

VtkData --- Create VTK file from Python objects. It fully supports VTK File Formats Standard 2.0 (see also VTK File Formats Standard 3.0). The features include:

  • ascii and binary output, ascii input from VTK file
  • DataSet formats: StructuredPoints, StructuredGrid, RectilinearGrid, PolyData, UnstructuredGrid
  • Data formats: PointData, CellData
  • DataSetAttr formats: Scalars, ColorScalars, LookupTable, Vectors, Normals, TextureCoordinates, Tensors, Field

The latest release of PyVTK source distribution can be downloaded from

To install PyVTK, run

  pip install pyvtk
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