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from itertools import groupby
from collections import namedtuple
from datetime import datetime
import datetime as dt
def mathMicroSecs(tm, msecs, operation):
fulldate = dt.datetime(100, 1, 1, tm.hour, tm.minute, tm.second, tm.microsecond)
if operation == 'forward':
fulldate = fulldate + dt.timedelta(microseconds=msecs)
elif operation == 'backward':
fulldate = fulldate - dt.timedelta(microseconds=msecs)
return fulldate.time()
def shiftSrt(namefile, orientation, delta):
with open(namefile, 'r') as f:
res = [list(g) for b, g in groupby(f, lambda x: bool(x.strip())) if b]
Subtitle = namedtuple('Subtitle', 'number start end content')
subs = []
new_text = ''
for sub in res:
if len(sub) >= 3: # not strictly necessary, but better safe than sorry
sub = [x.strip() for x in sub]
number, start_end, *content = sub # py3 syntax
start, end = start_end.split(' --> ')
subs.append(Subtitle(number, start, end, content))
for value in subs:
v_start = mathMicroSecs(datetime.strptime(value.start, '%H:%M:%S,%f').time(), delta*1000000, orientation)
v_end = mathMicroSecs(datetime.strptime(value.end, '%H:%M:%S,%f').time(), delta*1000000, orientation)
if(v_start.strftime('%H:%M:%S,%f')[:2] != '23'):
new_text += value.number + "\n"
new_text += v_start.strftime('%H:%M:%S,%f')[:-3] + " --> " + v_end.strftime('%H:%M:%S,%f')[:-3] + "\n"
new_text += ''.join(str(e + "\n") for e in value.content)
new_text += "\n"
f1 = open(namefile, 'w')
print(new_text, file=f1)
result = f1
except AttributeError:
print("problems in overwriting file! Another one is going to be created\n")
f1 = open('NEW_' + namefile, 'w')
print(new_text, file=f1)
result = f1
return result
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