A Go interface to ZeroMQ version 2
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A Go interface to ZeroMQ version 2.

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Requires ZeroMQ version 2.1 or 2.2

For ZeroMQ version 4, see: http://github.com/pebbe/zmq4

For ZeroMQ version 3, see: http://github.com/pebbe/zmq3

Including all examples of ØMQ - The Guide.

Keywords: zmq, zeromq, 0mq, networks, distributed computing, message passing, fanout, pubsub, pipeline, request-reply

See also

  • Mangos — An implementation in pure Go of the SP ("Scalable Protocols") protocols
  • go-nanomsg — Language bindings for nanomsg in Go
  • goczmq — A Go interface to CZMQ


go get github.com/pebbe/zmq2


Support for ZeroMQ version 2.1

  • The following functions are not supported in ZeroMQ version 2.1, and will return an error:
  • (*Socket) GetRcvtimeo
  • (*Socket) GetSndtimeo
  • (*Socket) SetRcvtimeo
  • (*Socket) SetSndtimeo