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In the fictional Star Trek universe, a tricorder is a multifunction hand-held device used for sensor scanning, data analysis, and recording data. - Wikipedia

Tricorder is an example Data Logging application. It's also very useful for diagnosing issues with your current Data Logging setup.

It's composed of a Pebble, iOS, and Android application.

Getting Started

After you've built and installed the Pebble app and either the iOS or Android app you can begin datalogging.

On the Pebble app everytime you click the select button a packet of information is generated every tenth of a second. When you click the select button again the data is sent to either the iOS or Android device, and the counter is reset on the Pebble. This app also utilizes background workers. If you back out of the app while packets are being generated, they'll continue to be generated in the background.

Background workers are not a necessary component to all data logging apps.


Each packet consists of the following data:

  • Packet Id
  • Timestamp
  • Connection Status
  • Charge Percent
  • Accel Data
    • X Acceleration
    • Y Acceleration
    • Z Acceleration
    • Did Vibrate
    • Timestamp
  • CRC32 Checksum

Error Catching

Packets of this data are sent to the iOS or Android device, and the following is determined:

  • Number of malformed packets (using CRC32)
  • Duplicate packets
  • Out of Order packets
  • Dropped packets