Unofficial C library to make it easier to get weather from
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Library for easy fetching of weather data from

Includes a simple test app as a proof of concept usage of a weather C API.


How to use

  • Obtain an API key from

  • Ensure 'enableMultiJS': true is set in your appinfo.json.

  • Run pebble package install pebble-owm-weather.

  • Require pebble-owm-weather in your your app.js file, and then instantiate an OWMWeather object.

var OWMWeather = require('lib/owm_weather.js');
var owmWeather = new OWMWeather();
  • Call owmWeather.appMessageHandler() in an appmessage handler so that it can message the C side.
Pebble.addEventListener('appmessage', function(e) {
  • Include the library in any C files that will use it:
#include <pebble-owm-weather/owm-weather.h>
  • Include the pebble-events library in your main file so you can initialise it:
#include <pebble-events/pebble-events.h>
  • Call owm_weather_init(api_key) to initialize the library when your app starts, supplying your API key.

  • Call events_app_message_open() after owm_weather_init and any other libraries you need to init.

  • Call owm_weather_fetch() after PebbleKit JS is ready, and supply a suitable callback for events.

That's it! When the fetch returns (successful or not), the callback will be called with a OWMWeatherInfo object for you to extract data from.


Read include/owm-weather.h for function and enum documentation.

Data returned

Available now

  • Description, short description, temperature in K/C/F, location name.

Not implemented, but possible

Anything else detailed in the JSON response.