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Microkernel and userspace written in Rust, with first-class message passing
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Build Status License: MPL-2.0 Gitter chat

Pebble is still early in development.

Pebble is a microkernel and userspace written in Rust, with a focus on safety and simplicity. It is designed to be simple to understand, extend, and develop for. Pebble does not aim for POSIX compliance. The best way to learn about Pebble is to read the book. The website also hosts other useful resources, such as rustdoc-generated documentation of the components.


You are very welcome to contribute to Pebble! Have a look at the issue tracker, or come hang out in the Gitter room to find something to work on.

Any contribution submitted for inclusion in Pebble by you shall be licensed according to the MPL-2.0, without additional terms or conditions.


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