Arduino library for communicating with Pebble Time via the Smartstrap port
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This is an Arduino library for communicating with Pebble Time via the Smartstrap port. For more information, see the Smartstrap guide on the Pebble developer site


Below are instructions for installing this library with Arduino 1.6.x:

  1. Download this repository as a .zip by clicking on the "Download ZIP" button on GitHub.
  2. In Arduino, create a new project and go to "Sketch" -> "Include Library" -> "Add .ZIP Library..."
  3. Select the .zip you just downloaded.
  4. Arduino will automatically import the library and place the proper #include at the top.
  5. In the future, you can skip step 1 and simply select the library within the "Sketch" -> "Include Library" list for step 2.

Hardware Configuration

This Arduino library has both a software serial and hardware serial mode. The hardware serial mode requires an external open-drain buffer as detailed in the smartstrap guide linked above, and also requires board-specific support (see utility/board.h). The software serial mode requires only a pull-up resistor and supports any AVR-based microcontroller.

Tested Boards

Board Name Tested in Software Mode Tested in Hardware Mode
Teensy 2.0 yes yes (RX/TX pins shorted together)
Teensy 3.0 no no, but supported
Teensy 3.1 no yes (pins 0[RX1] and 1[TX1] shorted together)
Arduino Uno yes no, but supported


There are two demos in the examples folder. Each demo consists of an Arduino project to be run on a Teensy 2.0/3.x board (Demo2 only supports Teensy 2.0) and a Pebble app to be run on the watch.