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Cloudpebble Composed

This repo contains the key components of CloudPebble as submodules. It also contains a docker-compose file that will assemble all of them into something that runs like a real CloudPebble instance.

Getting Started

  1. Install Docker Toolbox (Mac, Windows), or otherwise get docker and docker-compose into a working state (Linux).
  2. Enter a shell with docker set up appropriately (e.g. via "Docker Quickstart Terminal")
  3. git clone --recursive git@github.com:pebble/cloudpebble-composed.git && cd cloudpebble-composed
  4. ./dev_setup.sh (this will take a while)
  5. docker-compose up

At the end of this, you will have seven Docker containers running. The CloudPebble-specific ones should pick up most changes without being rebuilt, although in some cases you may have to stop and restart them (re-run docker-compose up).

The current compose file assumes that the docker machine/VM is accessible at This is true by default, but may not be true for you.


  • Pebble SSO is not available; only local accounts work.
  • Websocket installs are not available because pebble SSO is not available
  • You'll have to change things manually if isn't right.