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Pebblecube is video game analytics library, includes: analytics, achievements, scores and much more. This repo contains all the files necessary to run your own instance of Pebblecube.


Below some of Pebblecube's features:

  • Multi project management and Multi users
  • Custom events with multiple data types (integer, float, string, boolean and arrays)
  • Custom functions and Constants definition
  • Geo data
  • Multiple scoreboard and achievement management
  • Encrypted API's communications
  • ...


Below are the requirements to run your own Pebblecube:

  • PHP 5.3 or higher
  • MongoDb 1.8.1 or higher
  • Python 2.6 or higher
  • Memecached 1.4 or higher

Basic architecture

Pebblecube consists of 3 main parts: Website, API and Cron Jobs. The website code is in the /www folder and contains all the pages that let users manage their projects plus all the API documentation. The API documentation has been built using the Get Simple CMS which has saved all the data to static xml files. APIs methods are in the /api folder.

All the data is stored in a MongoDb database, but all the statistics are crunched by a couple of python scripts that run some map reduces and queries the maxmind ip database for geo data.

Pebblecube was built to run on a Amazon EC2 Image, you can find a list of commands for configure an Amazon Ubuntu Maverick image in the file. All files by default are stored in the /www/files folder, it is possible to activate the S3 option and save files in your personal S3 bucket (this feature is not 100% complete).

The code

Below the list of folders with a quick description

  • api: main api folder
    • methods: main api methids folder, one folder for every api section
  • lib: the common core shared between apis and www
    • business: business login methods
    • common: common model
    • mrs: MongoDb map reduces
    • py: python scripts
    • util: useful scripts
  • www: website folder
    • devs: developer's personal pages
    • docs: Get Simple CMS folder
    • files: files storage
    • gui: graphics elements folder
    • prj: project managements folder
    • static_pages: self-explanatory
    • stats: project's stats pages


Pebblecube's configuration is pretty simple, all the files are in the root of the lib folder.

  • config.php: database and Memcached configuration.
  • config_paths.php: file repository paths
  • config_s3.php: config paths in case S3 mode is enable
  • config_urls.php: url paths

Once you have changed these files you have to configure the scheduled Cron Jobs that execute all the map reduces: /lib/py/ and /lib/py/ If Crons are not configured users won't see any statistics since the data displayed is only the reduced data. Regarding MongoDb all the collections will be created automatically, just create a database and change the configuration in config.php.

In addition is necessary to give write access to the /www/files and /www/docs folders.

For more documentation refer to project documentation at http://yourhost/docs


Pebblecube is released under the GNU General Public License, version 2. For more info visit

Open Source

Pebblecube includes a lot of scripts and projects from the open source community, please refer to their website for licensing and support; Projects included are:

If we forgot to put you in the list please contact us.

The Authors

Giovanni Ferron and Richard Adem