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Deploying the PeBL WebReader

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Deploying to a webserver

  1. If you haven't done so already, download the latest stable version of the PeBL WebReader from:

  2. Extract the contents of that zip to the root directory of your webserver (NGINX, APACHE, etc).

  3. Edit the config file (scripts/config.js) and change the values for PeBLServicesURL and PeBLServicesWSURL to point to your PeBL Services Server. See Deploying PeBL Services for setting up a PeBL Services server.

  4. At this point your PeBL WebReader should be accessible at the URL you have configured within your webserver.

Adding eBooks to the bookshelf

  1. Place the EPUB file and a separate image file which will be used as the cover image on the bookshelf, into the epub_content/bookshelf directory of the PeBL WebReader.

  2. Edit the epub_library file (epub_content/epub_library.json) to include an entry for this eBook. For example, if you uploaded an EPUB with the filename my_ebook.epub and a cover image with the filename my_cover.png, the epub_library.json file would look like this:

        "title": "My eBook",
        "author": "My name",
        "rootUrl": "bookshelf/my_ebook.epub",
        "coverHref": "bookshelf/my_cover.png"