A script to take Nest thermostat data and put it into InfluxDB
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Nest Watch

Nest Watch is a small command-line script that polls your Nest thermostats and stuffs the results into InfluxDB. From there you can use an analytics platform such as Grafana to build reports.


I have two Nest thermostats in my house and, after some teething pains (yay the life of an early adopter) they have been pretty solid. But they're also black boxes that I know little about. I know they're collecting mountains of data and sending it back to the Google mothership. Wouldn't it be nice to get at some of that data and build my own reports?

The more practical reason, however, is that I have a house that is heated and cooled by electric heat pumps, with heat strips as an auxiliary backup. Those things pull 50 amps when they are in use. I might as well light dollar bills on fire. So anything that I can do to reduce my use of aux heating I try to do.

Unfortunately, Nest's reports are delayed by a day so I can't make realtime adjustments to my usage. Furthermore, Nest's reports don't give me any data more granular than "(heat|cool) was used (in 15 minute increments) today". You can look at a timeline and kinda see where it was used, but that's it.

This may be fine for a normal person. But I'm an engineer, not a normal person. :) I want data!

So when I came across this unofficial API, I instantly thought of how neat it would be to use it to grab that data and do something with it. Rather than write my own analytics on top of it, I decided instead to just stuff the data into a time-series database (InfluxDB), off which I could use any platform I wanted to build reports or alerting.


This is a wholly unofficial project. It might stop working at any time. Do not rely on this for life-critical stuff. I am not responsible for what you do with it.


Prerequisites: Needs InfluxDB, PHP, Composer and probably some other stuff.

Clone the repo:

git clone git@github.com:peckrob/nest-watch.git /opt/nest-watch
cd /opt/nest-watch
chmod +x nestwatch

Install packages:

cd src
composer install

Configure source:

cp nestwatch.conf.sample /etc/nestwatch.conf
vi /etc/nestwatch.conf

Fill in your Nest username and password (yes, that sucks, but this is an unofficial API after all). Also fill in the InfluxDB information. Then run it and see if you get data:

/opt/nest-watch/nestwatch -v

If everything is good and you have data going into InfluxDB, cron it up. I have mine running once every five minutes, mostly because I really don't have any idea of how often Nests report back to Google and, anyways, I don't want to hammer the API. I figure 5 minutes is good enough resolution for my purposes.

crontab -e
*/5 * * * * /opt/nest-watch/nestwatch

Nest Target Mode

0 = Off
1 = Range (Cool & Heat)
2 = Cool
3 = Heat