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A tool which allows you to wrap selected text in Brackets.
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Surround for Brackets

Simply select the text you wish to surround and press Ctrl - Shift - J or Cmd - Shift - J for Macs.


Installation can now be handled through the extension registry.

Step 1: Click file -> "Extension Manager"

You can now search for "Brackets Surround" and then click install.

For Older Versions

Step 1: Click file -> "Install Extension"

Paste in the following URL
Step 2: Restart brackets

Restart Brackets to see the new plugin. To verify the extension was loaded, click "Edit" and you should see a option called "Surround".

Easy to add new functionality

cases = {
   '('    :   ')',
   '{'    :   '}',
   '<'    :   '>',
   '['    :   ']',
   '/*'   :  '*/',
   '<!--' : '-->',
   '<%'   :  '%>',
   '<%='  :  '%>'

Simply add a new key/value to the cases and it will instantly close the key.

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