plogx is a Flask webapp, which analyses nginx log items stored in a mongodb database
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plogx is a Flask webapp written in Python, which analyses, filters and visualizes nginx log items stored in a mongodb database. Please see my blog for a more detailed description:

plogx screenshot


git clone
cd plogx
virtualenv env
source env/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements

Quick Start

plogx expects a running mongo daemon with a database named log_db and a collection named log_items.

Because plogx needs existing log data in the database, you have to take care of that. To collect log data in realtime and store them into a database, you can use my fork of parsible, which works great with nginx logs and mongodb. But you can also write your own parsible-plugins for other webservers like Apache.

Start development server

Please don't use this in production! Always serve the flask app with uwsgi and nginx or Apache for example and secure it with basic auth:

source env/bin/activate
python plogx/