Comprehensive tutorial for the pedestal-app library.
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Welcome to the Pedestal-app Tutorial! This tutorial will guide you step-by-step through pedestal-app in its entirety.

The tutorial is located in the Wiki and is composed of 34 sections across two parts. During the course of the tutorial you'll construct an interactive multi-player bubble-popping game that exercises nearly every nook and cranny of pedestal-app.

Get Started!

Part 2


Oh my, how gracious of you. It's a little bit more difficult than a typical software to contribute to the tutorial however; We have ~34 tags to maintain as pointers from the tutorial, and the Wiki is locked away in GitHub-wikidom.

If you're desperate to help, reach out by creating an issue, and we'll see what we can do.

Running the final game

It's easiest to follow along in the tutorial, but if you'd like to run the final game follow these steps. These samples require a leiningen installation with version >= 2.2.0.

git clone
cd app-tutorial

# In one terminal
cd tutorial-client
lein repl
> (dev)
> (watch :development)

# In another terminal
cd tutorial-service
lein repl
> (use 'dev)
> (start)

Now visit http://localhost:8080/tutorial-client-dev.html and "log in" (just pick a name 😉). Get poppin'!

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