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What is Pedestal?

Pedestal is a collection of interacting libraries that together create a pathway for developing a specific kind of application. It empowers developers to use Clojure to build fast, robust, and secure internet applications. In addition to standard web handling functionality, Pedestal also provides functionality for applications requiring low-latency, streaming (soft real-time) collaboration, and more.

In short: Pedestal is a set of libraries written in Clojure that aims to bring both the language and its principles (Simplicity, Power and Focus) to server-side development.

Who is it for?

Clojurists looking for a standard way to build internet applications will love Pedestal. Rather than composing art out of found objects, they will now be able to mold a single, consistent form to match their vision.

Pedestal may also appeal to developers who have been nervously approaching a functional language but who haven't yet mustered the courage to ask it out on a date. It provides a sterling example of how to use the Clojure ecosystem to its best advantage, reducing the friction usually associated with a language switch.

Where do I start?

In Hello World Service, you will find a walk-through that introduces you to all of Pedestal's moving parts via the creation of a new server-side application.

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