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Demo doing a workout

Meteor mobile application to create and track workouts

Workout Button

Demo creating workout, using it & editing it

Workout Button

Running the app

First you need to create a file: server/credentials-config.js

With the following:

facebookConfig = {
    prod: {
        appId: 'xxxxx',
        secret: 'xxxxx'

    dev: {
        appId: 'xxxx',
        secret: 'xxxx'

To get an app id and secret you need to create an app in your facebook developer account. You can follow the steps described in this blog post: ([].

Launch app

meteor --port 3001

if you just did a reset to the database or you are starting the project it will fail the 1st time because of a Scss compiler error.

kill all instances of meteor

kill ps ax | grep '[m]eteor' | awk '{print $1}'

reset the database

reset meteor

reset remote app

meteor deploy --delete meteor deploy


meteor build --server= ../build

keytool -genkey -alias workout-button -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 10000 keytool -exportcert -alias workout-button -file hball.cer

Open a shell and cd to the android directory. The command used for signing the apk-file is

$ jarsigner -digestalg SHA1 unaligned.apk reactive-hball Once the file is signed, it needs to be aligned. Do that by issuing

$ ~/.meteor/android_bundle/android-sdk/build-tools/21.0.0/zipalign 4 unaligned.apk production.apk


because of this bug meteoric/meteor-ionic#130 I have the meteoric package locally. NOTE: Due to a current limitation of the Meteor packaging system, the above path may not exist the first time you run your Meteor app after installing this package. This will cause an error saying the file to import was not found. This may also occur if you run meteor reset. Restarting your app should fix this problem.


  • footer

  • timer should always be shown

  • Show workout history

  • Deploy

  • add mongol meteor add msavin:mongol # To easily view/edit published data in browser

put turn off scree on

Template.loginLayout.onDestroyed(function(){ $('body').removeClass('register-page'); });

  • turn off insecure package

  • remove appcache because it is not necessary for mobile apps... and it is not working

  • Add package for offline collections ground collections

  • add a way to create new exercises and workouts using the interface

  • feed

meteor run android-device --mobile-server --port 3001

accounts-password added, version 1.1.1 accounts-ui added, version 1.1.5 accounts-ui-unstyled added, version 1.1.7 email added, version 1.0.6 less added, version 1.0.14 npm-bcrypt added, version 0.7.8_2 sha added, version 1.0.3 srp added, version 1.0.3

meteor add houston:admin

meteor add crosswalk



The code in this repository can be used under the MIT License.


Meteor mobile application to create and track workouts







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