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yeoman angular next

Not the best of the names, but this project aims at improving over the already awesome yeoman angular generator by including few more tools and grunt tasks. This is not meant to replace the angualr generator but should be used as it is by cloning the repo, or may be follow the git log to learn the additions it does. I will try to list down all the tools that have integrated in this repo and eventually will also document all the changes I have made.

For now I will only list the tools integrated and if you wish kindly download it, have a look at the git log and pick only the one you need.

Here aslo I have tried to fix few issues with angular-generator listed below :

  • End to End test not readily available as grunt task.
  • Compass not rendering stylesheet while doing final build
  • Remove CDNify, which usually cause problem for me, and in many cases not required for internal projects.
  • Issue with Twitter Bootstarp image not showing up.

And I have included/ configured few new tools for ready use.

  • Jade templating engine (yeoman include SCSS for CSS, and CoffeeScript for JavaScript but nothing for HTML)
  • Make use of Mocha as Test framework instead of default Jasmine
  • Use Chai as assertion library. Currently the default assertion style is expect, which should easily be changed.
  • Include Istanbul test coverage report as part of build.
  • Run both Unit test and E2E test while building.

Thats all for now, will include more detailed steps in future. Also I have fount this awesome tool names Docular for documenting specifically Angular project. So far it's looking very good and I intend to include this as part of this shell as well.

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