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The smartest bot for telegram/slack


Smartbot is a python library that helps to write enhanced bots for Telegram / Slack. The concept of behaviours makes easier to add costumizable features to your bot. Some features are already built-in in this package:

  • Wolfram: Use Wolfram knowledge system to query sentences;
  • Evi: Use Evi knowledge system query sentences;
  • Google Image: Use google image to search images;
  • Bing Image: Use bing image to search images;
  • Translate: Use bing translator to translate sentences;
  • Talk: Use bing text-to-speech to convert text in spoken sentences;
  • Joke: Use PiadasNet to search jokes;
  • Nasa: Retrieve Nasa Image Of The Day;
  • Friendly: Support seamless use of knowledge systems like Wolfram, Evi and redirect configured mentions to behaviours;
  • Loader: Enable/Disable behaviours on the fly.



You can install with pip:

pip install smartbot

or inside directory (in case you downloaded the code):

python install


Smartbot usually run in foreground logging to stdout. You can simple run a bot like:

For telegram: --telegram-bot-token=177224385:AAFYpmN91kZe_JXL_4kOFQTzAVt-XXXXXX

For slack: --slack-bot-token=xoxb-XXXXXXXXXX-uf63prZee13IGqmn4zXXXXX

For a more complete usage see --help.


When your bot is successfully up you can see a message like (botname) MAIN - Starting bot. In this point, you can use the builtin behaviours/commands. For telegram users, commands starts with / and slack ones with _. See the list of commands:

  • (/|_)wolfram query
  • (/|_)evi query
  • (/|_)gimage keyword(s)
  • (/|_)bimage keyword(s)
  • (/|_)translate sentence
  • (/|_)talk sentence
  • (/|_)joke keyword
  • (/|_)nasa
  • (/|_)(un)?load behaviour

Friendly behaviour

Maybe the most important behaviour is the friendly. In a telegram group or a slack channel you can interact with seamless like you talk with friends and other users. The bot use command aliases or wolfram/evi knowledge system to decide what to do or what answer (see Customize section).

@botname send john travolta confused



@botname 1 + 1

botname: 2


Since version 1.0 you can use configuration file to customize bot behaviour. Some configuration options are supported already (examples in config directory). The most important is the language option where you can set the country language to make the bot answer the questions appropriately. The configuration file is set with --config argument or environment variables (please see --help for details).

creator = Pedro Lira
language = en-US

standup = jalk
speak = talk
talk = talk
translate = translateen
nasa = nasa
joke = joke
send = gimage
have = bimage

default-answer0 = I don't intend to comment
default-answer1 = I don't have enough information in my database for this
default-answer2 = I don't know (yet)
default-answer3 = I am in the grow stage
default-answer4 = Ask me tomorrow


You are free to contribute with this project and even fork it. Of cource, following the license instructions. We will be available as much as possible to solve any doubts or issues about this project.

Documentation and Tests

The code and wiki documentation are in development. The test suite is not that perfect, but we are in a pursuit to improve it. Manual tests confirm the project is stable enough to be in a public repository.

Enjoy !