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Basic statements

#Creating nodes

CREATE (:Person {name: "Pedro"})

CREATE (:Person {name: "Kody", hobby: "Cricket", from: "Southafrica"})

Creating nodes, relation and return

CREATE (remzi:Person {name:"Remzi", position:"Postdoc"}), (amrapali:Person {name:"Amrapali"}), (remzi)-[:KNOWS]->(amrapali) RETURN remzi, amrapali

Retrieving nodes

Click on Person node lables

MATCH (nodes) RETURN nodes

MATCH p=()-[r:KNOWS]->() RETURN p

Creating relations of existing nodes

MATCH (pedro:Person {name:"Pedro"}), (kody:Person {name:"Kody"}) CREATE (pedro)-[:KNOWS]->(kody) RETURN pedro, kody

Updating properties of existing nodes

MATCH (n {name: "Pedro" }) SET n.hobby = "toCook" SET = "Mexico" RETURN n

Creating relations with different nodes

CREATE (graphs:Course {title: "KG"})

MATCH (c:Course), (p:Person) WHERE IN ["Remzi", "Kody", "Amrapali"] CREATE (p)-[:TEACH]->(c)

Create a full path

CREATE p =(pedro { name:"Pedro" })-[:TEACH]->(graphs)<-[:TEACH]-(kody { name: "Kody" }) RETURN p

where statements

MATCH (p:Person)-[:KNOWS]-() WHERE p.department = "IDS" RETURN p

#gives you the metagraph CALL db.schema()

#delete all MATCH (n) DETACH DELETE n

#delete relations


Where statement

MATCH (pedro:Person), (kody:Person) WHERE = "Pedro" AND = "Kody" CREATE (pedro)-[:KNOWS]->(kody) RETURN pedro, kody

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