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Tecnosenior FAQ Manager

A Wordpress FAQ Manager plugin based on IndiaNIC FAQs Manager. It's a rewrite from scratch, not a fork. The plugin is mostly MVC based, at least I've tried - Wordpress is not that great for creating something like this. And PHP has its quirks too.


  • MVC Based
  • AJAX Administration Interfaces
  • Skins for shortcode tag
  • Translatable
  • Searchable using mysql FULLTEXT support
  • AJAX Search
  • Users can post new questions
  • Notify on new questions
  • Notify who asked when answered

To Do

  • Fix fulltext search
  • Allow customisation of email messages

Feel free to ask new features! I'll add them whenever possible. Bugfixes are also welcomed.


To create a skin, just add a new directory under skins with your new skin. Inside the directory there should be a PHP file with a custom header and two functions. Those functions are called by the shortcode renderer, don't change the name of the functions!

Skin Header

The file header is composed of the following fields, just like any Wordpress theme or plugin - inside a multi line comment on the first 8kb of the file.

  • Skin Name
  • Description
  • Version
  • Author
  • Author URI


The following functions should be on your skin file:

function tsc_skin_get_headers()
function tsc_skin_render($group, $questions)

The first function is responsible for adding to the headers any needed javascript or css. It must return an array with the keys js and css. The code below include jquery, jquery-ui and a custom javascript file. It also include the needed css file.

function tsc_skin_get_headers()
	$headers = array(
    	"js" => array(
        	array("name" => "tecnosenior-faq", "file" => plugin_dir_url(__FILE__) . "/tecnosenior-faq.js")
    	"css" => array("tecnosenior-faq" => plugin_dir_url(__FILE__) . "/tecnosenior-faq.css")

	return $headers;

The second function receive two objects containing the data that should be rendered. It must return a string.


A single group object with this fields:

  • Id
  • GroupName
  • SearchBox
  • AskBox
  • Status
  • CreationDate


An array of question objects with this fields available:

  • Id
  • GroupId
  • QuestionOrder
  • Question
  • WhoAsked
  • Answer
  • Status
  • Type
  • CreationDate

Sample code, for skin renderer:

function tsc_skin_render($group, $questions)
	$html = "";
	if ($group->SearchBox) {
    	$html .= render_search_box($group->Id);

	$i = 0;
	$html .= "<div class=\"span-14 prepend-1 append-1 last faq-questions\" id=\"faq-questions-list\">\n";
	foreach ($questions as $q) {
    	$html .= render_question($q, ($i % 2 == 1));
	$html .= "</div>";

	if ($group->AskBox) {
    	$html .= render_ask_box($group->Id);

	return $html;


Currently only available in English and Brazilian Portuguese. The pot file for translation is under the directory languages.