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usbutils 0.87
Aurelien Jarno (1):
lsusb.c: correctly dump ccid devices
Greg Kroah-Hartman (11):
lots of trailing whitespace removed.
add script
coding style cleanups for .h files.
names.c: fix up some compiler warnings
coding style cleanups for usbmisc.c
names.c: fix lots of coding style issues
devtree.c: coding style cleanups
lsusb.c: coding style fixes
lsusb.c: fix some build warnings.
usb.ids: Reserve EEM Gadget id for the Linux Foundation
add from Kurt Garloff <>
Philip A. Prindeville (1):
Fix build issue with libusb location
usbutils 0.86
HID device robust fix
usbutils 0.85
usb-devices bugfixes
build fixes
usbutils 0.84
Sync up usb.ids file from upstream
usbutils 0.83
HID descriptor bugfixes
usb-devices script to emulate the /proc/bus/usb/devices file
new device ids
usbutils 0.82
Wireless USB device support
better autoconf support.
automatic handling for usb.ids
usbutils 0.81
fixed '-t' option if usbfs is not mounted
added DFU parsing
updated the man page
usbutils 0.80
Updated usb.ids.
Updated autotools logic.
Removed obsolete usbmodules.
usbutils 0.73 (and older)
Thanks to a patch from Aurelien Jarno, usbutils now uses the system's
libusb to access USB devices, not a private (old) copy of that library.
The "usbmodules" program is now deprecated, and no longer built by default.
If your Linux 2.4 based system needs it to handle the "coldplug" processing
(handling devices that exist before the OS is fully operational), you
can "configure --enable-usbmodules".