Tool to create a slug based on a given string
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Slugs are Human readable URLs created from a string. They normally identify a resource, while keeping it fairly readable for normal people. Used normally in GET requests, they are very good for SEO, has they increase the chances of a higher score on page indexing on most search engines.

This tool will create a slug based on a given string

Optionally you can send a set of parameters that will affect the slugification. Those parameters are:

  • separator: Defines a different separator (default is "-")
  • truncate: (Number) Truncates the slug at nth char. Sending 0 or NaN will not truncate. Defaults to 0;
  • lowercase: (boolean) Determines if all chars are to be lowercased. Defaults to yes;
  • symbols: (boolean) Determines if symbols are to be converted. Defaults to yes;

To use it see the following examples:

// simplest implementation
var slugifier = new Slugifier();
console.log(slugifier.slug('Some Random String'));
// Output: some-random-string

// Using configs
var slugifier_Max10 = new Slugifier({ separator: "_", truncate: 10 });
console.log(slugifier_Max10.slug('Some Random String'));
// Output: some_rando

You can find a online version of this tool at the following url: