A beautiful and animated bottom navigation
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A beautiful and animated bottom navigation. The navigation bar use your current theme, but you are free to customize it.


FanBottomNavyBar Gif

Getting Started

Add the plugin:

  bottom_navy_bar: ^2.0.0

Basic Usage

Adding the widget

bottomNavigationBar: BottomNavyBar(
   onItemSelected: (index) => setState(() {
       _index = index;
   items: [
       icon: Icon(Icons.apps),
       title: Text('Home'),
       activeColor: Colors.red,
         icon: Icon(Icons.people),
         title: Text('Users'),
         activeColor: Colors.purpleAccent
         icon: Icon(Icons.message),
         title: Text('Messages'),
         activeColor: Colors.pink
         icon: Icon(Icons.settings),
         title: Text('Settings'),
         activeColor: Colors.blue

Customization (Optional)


iconSize - the item icon's size
items - navigation items, required more than one item
onItemSelected - required to listen when a item is tapped it provide the selected item's index
backgroundColor - the navigation bar's background color


activeColor - the active item's background and text color
inactiveColor - the inactive item's icon color