bulk message uploader, from local mbox file to Google mail
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= 2gmail.rb

== description

  * this script enables you to upload to Google Mail (Gmail or Google Apps for Your Domain) you emails after packing them in a mbox file.
  * you can select a remote folder to send the messages into
  * full description with screenshots in here: http://blog.tquadrado.com/?page_id=181
  * a LOG file is created for you to check possible errors. 
  * if the script stops, you can restart it specifying a STARTING_MESSAGE.

== rememeber: 

  * insert your login and password at the end of the script in the login and passwd variables, and save this file.
  * of couse, be very carefull if you send this to a friend... REMOVE your credentials first!
  * if you are using Google Hosted for your Domain (Google Apps), your_login is something like: me@mydomain.com
  * example: go = GoGmail.new($*[0], 'imap.gmail.com', 993, $*[1], 'tree@forest.org', 'littlebird', $*[2])

== ruby:
  * since mailread.rb was removed from the standard library, please run under Ruby 1.8.7
== usage:
  $ chmod u+x 2gmail.rb

==  examples:
    $ ./2gmail.rb Inbox tempInbox 250
    $ ruby 2gmail.rb Inbox tempInbox 250
    $ /path/to/ruby/ruby 2gmail.rb Inbox tempInbox 250

== notice:
  * v0.9.1
  * who: pedro.mota@gmail.com 
  * when: 03-dec-2007
  * what: this is free software. use. refactor. share.
  * the author will not be responsible for any bumps during the journey! This was done in some minutes!