Multiple blog accounts #2

softwaremechanic opened this Issue Oct 9, 2011 · 4 comments


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It would be nice to be able to post to multiple blogs. Probably by passing a variable to the script during Blog np <blog_id>.
I wonder if it would be a good idea to use a different json file for storing the authentication/blog information.


pedromg commented Oct 10, 2011

Hi, yes, I have a local branch with the credentials in a yaml file.
As for several blogs it is interesting.
I am waiting Google developers to publish their Google+ PUT/POST API to implement it in the script. Are you on Google+ ?

Yeah.. am there too. And do want to have the option of publishing to google +.
Can you add that code to read credentials from yaml here? I don't know ruby syntax and really am lazy to learn.. :-)


pedromg commented Oct 13, 2011

Yes, will code it and commit here. Yet, you should try Ruby, its pretty awesome ;)

May be sometime later.. Right now am already trying out Haskell and can't seem to find time to try another language. I tried Ruby only half-heartedly/mindly. Don't think can spare anything for Ruby right now. May be in a couple of months or so.

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