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sgharms commented Mar 10, 2012

¡ Hola Pedro !

I am trying to convert to using Vim as a blogging platform and I found this code. I found a few things that I thought could be spruced up a bit, so here they are. It puts "quick" data (category lists and recent posts) into Vim's quickfix interface. It has me blogging on par with what I was able to do in Textmate when combined with my own GIFL project.

Let me know if you think these ideas work with your code base and, if so, merge away :)


Steven G. Harms and others added some commits Mar 9, 2012

Updates the Vimblog
* Modifications to category list
  * Uses a quickfix list
  * A single 'q' dismisses the quickfix list
  * Selecting <CR> on a category copies that
    category to the default register and wraps
    the category in quotes for purposes of
    [p]asting into blog posts
* Modifications to recent posts
  * Uses a quickfix list
  * Selecting <CR> on any of the rows with the
    post ID will lead to that ID being loaded up
    in a new buffer for editing
* Changes layout to be Pathogen compatible
* Uses a markdown readme
* Updates documentation
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