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Example app using scala Play Framework and Slick
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play-slick3-steps example

Build Status

Simple working app using play 2.7 and slick 4.0.0 with mysql. Step by step tutorial at

Created since the available demos have too much irrelevant code to who wants to integrate slick with a play app.

Based on bhavyalatha26/play-scala-slick-example.

Removed some code such as:

  • Traits and implementation classes
  • Useless controllers
  • Support for i18n
  • activator

Getting Started

To run this demo using sbt:

  • git clone this repository
  • Update the MySQL server url, username and password in conf/application.conf
  • Create a example database on your MySQL server.
    CREATE DATABASE example;
  • Launch the demo using sbt run
  • Open the Play web server at http://localhost:9000
  • You should be prompted to apply the evolution script. Apply the script.
  • You should now see the app running.
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