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TimeLogger - v1.0 Readme

Peter Somerville -


GNU GPL; see LICENSE.txt for more information


python for more information

usage: python db_host db_user db_password


Once installed run python to start application.

  • New Task

    Type description of task into text field and press 'New Task'

  • Start Logging Task

    Select desired task from list and press 'Start'

  • Stop Logging Task

    Press 'Stop'

  • View Time Logged On Task

    Select desired task from list and press 'Task Details'.

    Press 'All Tasks' to exit Task Details mode.

  • Remove Task From List

    Select desired task from list and press 'Remove Task'

System Requirements.

python 2.x, Tkinter and MySQLdb.

Known Issues:

If task is started, it MUST be stopped before closing app or starting new task otherwise time spent will not be stored. - Fixed in 1.0.1

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