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Eclipse plugin to extend the IDE launch options

Preferred Launch Configuration

Adds the 'Launch Preferred Configuration' button to the toolbar. Contrary to favorite launch configurations (already supported by Eclipse), the preferred launch configuration can be launched right from the toolbar.

  • the preferred launch configuration can be selected in the button pull-down menu
  • can be launched by the F12 key (at the side of Eclipse's F11 run shortcut)

Correspondent Test Launch

A 'Run Correspondent Test' button is also add in the toolbar and will launch the test corresponding to the active Java class being edited. By default, the plugin searches the correspondent test matching the "{classname}Test" pattern, but it can be configured in the preference page.

  • preference page in the 'Preferences' window at: Run/Debug > Launching > Launch Extension


From Eclipse Marketplace Drag to your running Eclipse* workspace. *Requires Eclipse Marketplace Client

  1. Help > Eclipse Marketplace...

  2. Search for 'Launcher extensions' and proceed to the installation by clicking the 'Install' button

From the software site

  1. Window>Preferences>Install/Update>Available Software Sites>Add...

or at Help>Install New Software>Add..

  1. add the software site:
  1. select 'Launcher Extension feature' and proceed to the installation clicking "Next >"