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Quick and free push notification token registration server for Expo apps
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Combustibles/Expo Notification Server

This simple server built for Heroku registers and stores notification tokens from an Expo app.

It's been made for use with the Combustibles RD app, but the token registration can be used for any app. The only application-specific thing here is scan.js.

The Heroku app provides a quick and free way to get a push notification token registration server for Expo.

What's missing? Right now there's no way to configure user preferences per token, such as enabling or disabling certain notifications or maybe storing the last status for the token (e.g. whether it was successful or not).

Deploying on Heroku

To deploy your own, click the button below to get started:


Next, you'll want to setup the database. To do this, run the following command while on the project root. Make sure you have the Heroku cli installed and replace [app_name] with the one chosen on deployment.

heroku pg:psql --app [app_name] < setup.sql

If you want to configure the automatic notifications when there's a price change, setup the preinstalled Scheduler addon with the scan script through the Heroku dashboard. You can access the scheduler's dashboard directly by clicking here.

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