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NOTE This package was modified from pixeldesu's original moduleRaid for compatibility with webpack v5 used in WhatsApp Web. No support will be given outside of anything strictly necessary to extract modules in WhatsApp Web.


moduleRaid is a utility to get modules from webpackChunkbuild functions embedded on WhatsApp Web. It also provides functions to search through returned modules.


You can get moduleRaid over npm

$ npm install @pedroslopez/moduleRaid

Or if you directly want to use it in the browser

<script src=""></script>

Alternatively, just copy the script from moduleraid.js and run it in a devtool console.



Using moduleRaid as a module, simply require and execute it somewhere where it will end up as a public facing script

const moduleRaid = require('moduleraid')

window.mR = moduleRaid()

If you a running the script from the console or loading it over a service like unpkg, no further need for preparations!

The moduleraid object

Once moduleRaid is run or included on a page that includes a Webpack build (usually noted by a webpackJsonp function), it will return a object, containing:

  • modules: An object containing all modules we could get from Webpack
  • constructors: An array containing all module constructor functions
  • get(id): Get the module from the specified id
  • findModule(query): Return the module that has query as a key in its exports
  • findFunction(query): Return functions that include query (query can be either a string or a function)

If you run the code in devtools or load it as external script from unpkg/etc. the moduleRaid object can be found in window.mR by default.

Note: If moduleRaid had to get modules through iteration, constructors will be empty and so findFunction will not work.

Debug Mode

If you call moduleRaid with an optional argument true, you will enable debug output. Debug output will show errors that are normally supressed.

In the version that is minified and you can't just add another argument easily, simply run window.mRdebug = true before adding the script and you should be fine!


moduleRaid is licensed under the MIT License


Breaking open Webpack 5 to extract modules from WhatsApp Web







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