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TENZ-ID Quickstart


As a user you can get simply your own TENZ-ID by heading to and using MetaMask to claim it.

As a developer you can interact with the smart contract directly. It is deployed here:

Currently, it supports two domains: tenzorum-id.eth and and you can use either.

Etherscan, MetaMask, MyCrypto and MyEtherWallet support TENZ-ID resolution. Here's an example of it looks on Etherscan for radek.tenzorum-id.eth

Etherscan TENZ-ID Resolution

Rinkeby Testnet

We've also deployed it to test network here:

It also supports tenzorum-id.eth and domains. If you would like to have a custom domain please contact for one.

Here's a screenshot of how to create one using Remix:

Remix Create TENZ-ID

And here's how it resolves both Owner and Target:

Remix Resolve TENZ-ID Owner and Target

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