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MS7724 Linux BSP

This repository is a clone of git:// Buildroot is a simple way to build bootloaders, kernels and small root file systems ideal for embedded systems, see the Buildroot homepage for further information. If you are not using one of the Renesas devices listed below, I strongly recommend that you use the official Buildroot repository rather than using/forking this repository.

This repository includes a renesas-2011.02 branch that contains changes for the MS7724 development board. This board uses a SH7724 processor, however most of the changes are applicable to other Renesas SH devices and in particular other SH-Mobile devices (e.g. SH7722 & SH7723).

Processor Board Kernel Comments
SH7724 (SH-MobileR2R) MS7724 (also known as EcoVec) 3.0.6 Comprehensive testing
SH7723 (SH-MobileR2) Algo AP325RXA Limited testing
SH7785 SH7785LCR Limited testing
SH7372 (SH-MobileAP4) ARM Cortex-A8 AP4 EVB 2.6.38 Under development


These instructions are based on building on an x86 Linux host PC and tested only on Ubuntu 10.04.

  1. Download or clone the Buildroot source from the renesas-2011.02 branch of this repository. If you want a stable version, it’s probably best to download a tagged version such as MS7724_v3.5.0
  2. Use the ms7724 default configuration:
    $ make ms7724_defconfig
  3. If you want to change the kernel configuration:
    $ make linux26-menuconfig
  4. If you want to change the packages to be built:
    $ make menuconfig
  5. Build everything:
    $ make

The u-boot binary and kernel uImage are placed in the output/images directory. Although Buildroot doesn’t create the device nodes (since this requires root permissions), the output/target directory can be used by the target via NFS as we use mdev.

If you want to create a hardware accelerated multimedia system, obtain the VPU Middleware from your local Renesas representative and copy the tarball to the Buildroot download directory (default is a sub-dir called dl). The VPU Middleware must be provided in the form of a tarball called libshvpu44a.tar.bz2 containing a number of shared libraries:


You can then use “make ms7724_av_defconfig” to configure Buildroot.

Building a multimedia system will likely take 2 or more hours. Once complete, the generated root file system is in the output/target directory.

Useful information

Main site for SH Linux & Android, including information on other SH devices and Debian
Memory Allocation for Hardware
DirectFB on SH772x
Other bits and pieces

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