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Peel is a framework that helps you to define, execute, analyze, and share experiments for distributed systems and algorithms.


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Peel Experiments Execution Framework

Build Status 1 Java Profiler

Peel is a framework that helps you to define, execute, analyze, and share experiments for distributed systems and algorithms.

For more information and technical documentation about the project, please visit

Check the Motivation section on our website to understand the problems Peel will solve for you.

Check the Getting Started guide and the Bundle Basics section.

Peel Mango

Main Features

Peel offers the following features for your experiments.

  • Unified Design. Specify and maintain collections of experiments using a simple, DI-based configuration.
  • Automated Execution. Automate the experiment execution lifecycle.
  • Automated Analysis. Extracts, transforms, and loads results into an RDBMS.
  • Result Sharing. Share your bundles and migrating to other evaluation environments without additional effort.

Supported Systems

System Version System bean ID
HDFS 1.2.1 hdfs-1.2.1
HDFS 2.4.1 hdfs-2.4.1
HDFS 2.7.1 hdfs-2.7.1
HDFS 2.7.2 hdfs-2.7.2
HDFS 2.7.3 hdfs-2.7.3
HDFS 2.8.0 hdfs-2.8.0
Flink 0.8.0 flink-0.8.0
Flink 0.8.1 flink-0.8.1
Flink 0.9.0 flink-0.9.0
Flink 0.10.0 flink-0.10.0
Flink 0.10.1 flink-0.10.1
Flink 0.10.2 flink-0.10.2
Flink 1.0.0 flink-1.0.0
Flink 1.0.1 flink-1.0.1
Flink 1.0.2 flink-1.0.2
Flink 1.0.3 flink-1.0.3
Flink 1.1.0 flink-1.1.0
Flink 1.1.1 flink-1.1.1
Flink 1.1.2 flink-1.1.2
Flink 1.1.3 flink-1.1.3
Flink 1.1.4 flink-1.1.4
Flink 1.2.0 flink-1.2.0
Flink 1.2.1 flink-1.2.1
Flink 1.3.0 flink-1.3.0
Flink 1.3.1 flink-1.3.1
Flink 1.3.2 flink-1.3.2
Flink 1.4.0 flink-1.4.0
MapReduce 1.2.1 mapred-1.2.1
MapReduce 2.4.1 mapred-2.4.1
Spark 1.3.1 spark-1.3.1
Spark 1.4.0 spark-1.4.0
Spark 1.4.1 spark-1.4.1
Spark 1.5.1 spark-1.5.1
Spark 1.5.2 spark-1.5.2
Spark 1.6.0 spark-1.6.0
Spark 1.6.2 spark-1.6.2
Spark 2.0.0 spark-2.0.0
Spark 2.0.1 spark-2.0.1
Spark 2.0.2 spark-2.0.2
Spark 2.1.0 spark-2.1.0
Spark 2.1.1 spark-2.1.1
Spark 2.2.0 spark-2.2.0
Spark 2.2.1 spark-2.2.1
Zookeeper 3.4.5 zookeeper-3.4.5
Dstat 0.7.2 dstat-0.7.2
Dstat 0.7.3 dstat-0.7.3

Supported Commands

Command Description
db:import import suite results into an initialized database
db:initialize initialize results database
exp:run execute a specific experiment
exp:setup set up systems for a specific experiment
exp:teardown tear down systems for a specific experiment
exp:config list the configuration of a specific experiment
hosts:generate generate a hosts.conf file
res:archive archive suite results to a tar.gz
res:extract extract suite results from a tar.gz
rsync:pull pull bundle from a remote location
rsync:push push bundle to a remote location
suite:run execute all experiments in a suite
sys:setup set up a system
sys:teardown tear down a system
val:hosts validates correct hosts setup