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#Redmine Asset Management Plugin ##About Its hard to keep track of stuff. Everything from computers to external hard drives to software licenses. Tracking this stuff as an individual can be done easily enough. Tracking it within a group, large or small, in a way that is concise, consistent, and managable is always a challenge, especially when you can not dedicate somebody to being in charge of it.

The hope is that this plugin can take some of the challenge out of that task by providing a consistent, easy to use interface with which to assemble and retrieve asset data.

Version Note

As of now (March 5, 2012) RAM isn't ready for release and is very much a WIP. Given where things are going I'm most likely going to be developing against ChiliProject 3.0 and greater, and depending on how easily I can get an instance of it up, I might test against Redmine's HEAD as well.

While I hate leaving older versions out in the cold, I also don't want to be hamstrung by the baggage of older versions. Whenever I get something into a releasable state, I might jump back and do some compatiblity testing against the latest major versions (2.x on CP, 1.3.x on Redmine) but I make no promises at this point as to the viability of the code there.


  • Track hardware & software with the easy-to-learn Redmine interface
  • Track issues with hardware or software using Redmine's Issues system
  • Both hardware and software can be checked out to Users, giving at least some idea of who used something last, or who it was entrusted to


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


RAM is still in development, hopefully within a few days we'll have something available worthy of filing bugs on.


Coming Soon

##Author Nick Peelman



  • This plugin is open-source and licensed under the "GNU General Public License v2" See: GPL 2.0 Website for more info.
  • © 2012 Nick Peelman