an introduction to using openGL on the Raspberry Pi
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openGLES 2.0 tutorial for Raspberry Pi

Install necessary tools:

sudo apt-get install git cmake libglm-dev

Clone the repository:

git clone

Build one of the examples:

cd openGL-RPi-tutorial/build
cmake ..
cd tutorial01_first_screen/

Build all examples (takes a while):

cd openGL-RPi-tutorial/build
cmake ..

start with tutorial01 to 08 then encode, and finally encode_OGL please send comments, and report bugs to the current maintainer: Jonathan Chetwynd

created with assistance from rktring/panik and in conjunction with these excellent resources:

openGL tutorials 1-5:

openGLES 2.0 Programmers Guide 2008, Raspberry Pi code port:

Chris Cummings' My Robot Blog

drhastings' robots:

and videos:

okay so I lifted the code, so blame me not them....

my intention is to further understanding, by using only the minimum necessary code. Unfortunately at this time I failed rather badly