A peercoind docker image
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Peercoind docker image. There are two tags: latest - which provides classic peercoin binary built from github/peercoin repository.

Supported tags and respective Dockerfile links


How to use this image

It behaves like a binary, so you can pass any arguments to the image and they will be forwarded to the ppcoind binary:

$ docker run --name peercoind -d peerchemist/peercoind \
  -rpcallowip=* \
  -rpcpassword=bar \

Due to this you can use the same command to start the testnet container:

$ docker run --name ppctestnet -d peerchemist/peercoind \
  -rpcallowip=* \
  -rpcpassword=bar \
  -rpcuser=foo \

By default, peercoin will run as as user sunny for security reasons and with its default data dir (~/.peercoin). If you'd like to customize where peercoin stores its data, you must use the PPC_DATA environment variable. The directory will be automatically created with the correct permissions for the sunny user and peercoin automatically configured to use it.

$ docker run --env PPC_DATA=/var/lib/peercoin --name peercoind -d peerchemist/peercoind

You can also mount a directory it in a volume under /home/sunny/.peercoin in case you want to access it on the host:

$ docker run -v /opt/peercoin:/home/sunny/.peercoin --name peercoind -d peerchemist/peercoind

That will allow to access containers ~/.peercoin directory in /opt/peercoin on the host.

$ docker run -v ${PWD}/data:/home/sunny/.peercoin --name peercoind -d peerchemist/peercoind

will mount current directory in containers ~/.peercoin

To map container RPC ports to localhost start container with following command:

$ docker run -v /opt/ppc:/home/sunny/.peercoin -p 9902:9902 --name peercoind -d peerchemist/peercoind -rpcallowip=*

You may want to change the port that it is being mapped to if you already run a peercoin instance on the localhost. For example: -p 9999:9902 will map port 9902 from container to localhost:9999.

Now you will be able to curl the peercoin RPC in the container:

curl --user bitcoin:password --data-binary '{"jsonrpc": "1.0", "id":"curltest", "method": "getinfo", "params": [] }' -H 'cont ent-type: text/plain;' localhost:9902/

{"result":{"version":"PARS:0.5.4(v0.5.4.0-ge520ebd)","protocolversion":60006,"walletversion":60000,"balance":0.00000000,"newmint":0.00000000,"stake":0.00000000,"blo cks":110392,"moneysupply":21378261.50852500,"connections":8,"proxy":"","ip":"","difficulty":150011848.56944141,"testnet":false,"keypoololdest":1475227 858,"keypoolsize":101,"paytxfee":0.01000000,"errors":"WARNING: Checkpoint is too old. Wait for block chain to download, or notify developers of the issue."},"error" :null,"id":"curltest"}