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History of cryptocurrency

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The Age of the Internet has finally brought upon us a new phenomenon known as cryptocurrency. Satoshi Nakamoto introduced his groundbreaking work Bitcoin to the world in 2009, marking the dawn of a new era in the financial history of human civilization.

The main breakthrough of Bitcoin is the introduction of decentralized public ledger. The term cryptocurrency then refers to the new class of virtual currencies with high degree of decentralization (also known as peer-to-peer in Internet terminology), thus much more resistant to shutdown attempts.

Satoshi Nakamoto, a mysterious genius whose identity remains unknown to this day, was motivated by the vision that cryptocurrency would one day bring freedom back to the world. Before the birth of bitcoin, the world witnessed the shutdown of e-gold, an early Internet digital currency backed by gold. This event has shown that gold alone could not bring back the monetary integrity and freedom once enjoyed by our ancestors. Now bitcoin, referred to in some circles as 'gold 2.0', is poised to lead a revolution in not only our money, but potentially even more profound changes for a free society.

Timeline of Pre-Cryptocurrency Events

Name        Year    Creator          Innovations
rsa         1977    Ron Rivest       public key cryptography
ecash       1993    David Chaum      anonymous Internet payment
e-gold      1996    Douglas Jackson  digital gold payment
hashcash    1997    Adam Back        anti-spam proof-of-work
napster     1999    Shawn Fanning    peer-to-peer file sharing
tor         2002    Roger Dingledine anonymity network
second life 2003    Philip Rosedale  virtual economy & currency
rpow        2004    Hal Finney       proof-of-work token money
Timeline of Cryptocurrencies and Various Forks/Clones

Name         Symbol  Release   Author            Innovations
bitcoin      BTC     2009/01   satoshi           decentralized ledger currency
namecoin     NMC     2011/04   vinced            decentralized dns
multicoin            2011/06   sacarlson
devcoin      DVC     2011/08   Unthinkingbit
ixcoin       IXC     2011/08   Nasakioto
solidcoin    SC      2011/08   CoinHunter
geist geld   GG      2011/09   Lolcust
tenebrix     TBX     2011/09   ArtForz, Lolcust  scrypt proof-of-work
rucoin       RUC     2011/10
fairbrix     FBX     2011/10   coblee
litecoin     LTC     2011/10   coblee
coiledcoin   CLC     2012/01   makomk
liquidcoin   LQC     2012/01   Nicksasa
timekoin             2012/06   knightmb
bbqcoin              2012/07   Cubox
ppcoin       PPC     2012/08   Sunny King        proof-of-stake
qubic                2012/09   Come-from-Beyond
terracoin    TRC     2012/10
freicoin     FRC     2012/12   maaku, jtimon
ripple       XRP     2013/01   jed/OpenCoin
novacoin     NVC     2013/02   Balthazar
bytecoin     BTE     2013/04   bryanmills
mincoin      MNC     2013/04
feathercoin  FTC     2013/04   bushstar
smallchange          2013/04   lightenup
chncoin      CNC     2013/05
bitbar       BTB     2013/05
yacoin       YAC     2013/05   pocopoco
royalcoin    RYC     2013/05
franko       FRK     2013/05   defaced
gamecoin             2013/05
powercoin            2013/05   NWO
elacoin      ELC     2013/05   Milkshake
worldcoin    WDC     2013/05
gldcoin      GLD     2013/05
doubloons    DBL     2013/05   shakezula
sunrisecoin          2013/05   JohnDorien
supercoin            2013/05
bitgem               2013/05   mineral
digitalcoin  DGC     2013/05   baritus
nibble       NBL     2013/05   hyoshi
phenixcoin   PXC     2013/05   JohnCar
luckycoin    LKY     2013/05
uscoin               2013/05
dragoncoin           2013/05   zhaojundong
memecoin     MEM     2013/05   muddafudda
hypercoin    HYC     2013/05   zacho56
americancoin AMC     2013/05
ezcoin               2013/05
fastcoin     FST     2013/05
megacoin     MEC     2013/05   kimoto
infinitecoin         2013/06   fisheater
anoncoin             2013/06   meeh
stablecoin           2013/06   artos
realcoin             2013/06   dolfcao
noirbits             2013/06   barwizi
zenithcoin           2013/06   solracx
argentum             2013/06   AlphaC
onecoin              2013/06   cre8r
emerald              2013/06   picasso
betacoin             2013/10   betacoindev
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