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Framework for RESTful JavaScript web applications that run both on the server- and clientside.
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node.js framework for JavaScript real-time applications.

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We are currently splitting up alamid in tiny modules. We discourage the use of the all-on-one alamid. We will update our website soon.


alamid is an exciting new framework for JavaScript real-time applications that run both on the client and on the server. It manages all the bundling and communication so you can focus on your stuff: your application.

The framework has been designed to ease offline-ability and component re-use. It leverages modern web technologies like WebSockets and provides a reasonable class-system that enables you to use inheritance and scopes in an intuitive way.

Inspired by great frameworks like backbone.js, mongoose and express and motivated by the sedulous node.js-community we've been working hard to create a framework that really fits your needs. It is totally free and open source. Try it out - we're curious about your feedback!