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@RoshanSyed RoshanSyed released this Dec 17, 2019 · 5 commits to beatrice since this release

PBSA is excited to release Peerplays 1.4.1 beta (test-1.4.1) to public TESTNET and as General Availability. This release introduces Gamified Proof of Stake (GPOS) consensus algorithm to Peerplays TESTNET.

In addition to GPOS, we have a large number of security, performance and general enhancements shipped with this release.

This release is the first implementation of many of the features proposed in PIP #002

About GPOS

The Peerplays blockchain uses Gamified Proof of Stake (GPOS) as the means to maintaining blockchain security while incorporating the human design elements necessary for effective voting mechanics.

By participating in GPOS you are staking your PPY for a period of 30 days. After the 30 day time period, you may request to withdraw the staked PPY.

During the staking period, you will be capable of participating in the voting of node operators and other important functions within the Peerplays ecosystem. Advisors, Witnesses, new Proposals, SONs, and other types of nodes and providers that make up the Peerplays ecosystem will benefit from your votes.

For your contribution in helping secure the blockchain, you will receive Participation Rewards. These rewards are based on the amount of PPY you have staked relative to the rest of the network distribution. Participation Rewards are given out each month and are based on the collective activity (i.e. blockchain fees) on the Peerplays blockchain. As more value comes into the network, this is sent to you as a reward for helping make it happen.

Who Should Upgrade

The witnesses on the Beatrice Public TESTNET are requested to this hard-fork release.

The hard-fork date/time is set to Monday December 23, 2019 04:00AM UTC

Updates to the Chain

Security and stability enhancements & general bug fixes are bundled and made available on the TESTNET with this release. The fixes are intended to make a faster, stable chain and this release paves the foundation for SONs. For more information on SONs see: PIP #005


Websocket library & FC are upgraded
Extensive CLI Test suite : We now have an extensive CLI test suite
Additional Tests : We have added additional tests and extensive information for QA or the community to verify the fixes.

List of PRs:

Votes consideration on GPOS activation: #237
Fixed chain parameter update proposal issue: #232
Remove default value for extension parameter and add hard-fork check: #227
Allow APIs to be called by account/asset name and id: #225
Set extensions default values: #222
P2P Log files are not created: #218
High CPU Issue, websocket changes: #213
Adjust p2p log level: #180
Proposal Information Bug Fix: #157
Added Additional cli tests: #155
Enhancement for session undo storage: #147
get_vesting_balances throws exception after first sub-period: #143
New API get_asset_count_api : #140
Improve block generation performance: #139
Added voting tests: #136
Improve account maintenance performance: #130
Performance optimization: #116
Fixed integer overflow issue: #111
fix duplicate ops returned in get_account_history: #109
cli_wallet test suite: #98
Don't allow to vote when the vesting balance is 0: #95
Add quit_command_cliwallet: #90

GitHub Issues Resolved:

App test doesn't free server port: #152
Beatrice witness_node hangs, high socket usage, high cpu usage #198
Return total number of available assets: #138
Forced rebase before merge: #133
fixing feed expiration bug: #108

Known issues:

Build optimization fc sync: #12

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