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@@ -47,6 +47,7 @@ Returns a `DataConnection` object.
* `options` Object.
* `metadata` Optional metadata to pass to the remote peer. Can be any serializable type.
* `serialization` String, which can be `binary`, `binary-utf8`, `json`, or `none`. This will be the serialization format of all data sent over the P2P DataConnection. Defaults to `binary`.
+ * `reliable` Boolean, which if `true` activates experimental reliable transfer (while waiting for actual reliable transfer to be implemented in Chrome). Defaults to `false` until Chrome implements reliable/large data transfer.
Before writing to / data will be emitted from the `DataConnection` object that is returned, the `open` event must fire. Also the `error` event should be checked in case a connection cannot be made.
@@ -102,6 +103,10 @@ To be extra certain that Peer objects clean up cleanly (and because it takes the
This class is the interface two communicate between two peers. It is an `EventEmitter`.
There is no constructor. A `DataConnection` object must be obtained in the callback of `peer.connect(...)` when initiating a peer-to-peer connection or emitted in the `peer.on('connection', ...)` event when receiving a connection.
+### EXPERIMENTAL reliable and large file transfer:
+Simply pass in `reliable: true` when calling `.connect(...)`. This module is experimental, temporary, and exists here:

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