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more details on serialization format

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## Class: peerjs.Peer
-This class is a the BinaryJS websocket server. It is an `EventEmitter`.
+This class is a Peer, which can connect to other peers and listen for connections. It is an `EventEmitter`.
### new Peer([id], [options])
@@ -118,7 +118,9 @@ for no serialization. Default serialization format is `binary`.
Accepts data of any JSON type or binary type.
-Data is serialized using BinaryPack and then sent to the remote peer.
+To configure which serialization format to use, specify `binary`, `json`, or `none` as the `serialization` property of the `options` object in `peer.connect`.
+Data is serialized using BinaryPack (`binary`) by default and then sent to the remote peer.
### connection.close()

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